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How Does It Work?

Key Highlights

Raiser’s Edge is a Group of friends (founders, CEOs, investors etc.) who have come together to partner with leading early-stage startups in India.

Every week The BarberShop will bring one company to its forum and the episode will be published on all our social media channels.

Our aim is to support 20 companies over the next 1 year with our collective experience, network and capital.

We are looking for driven founders in large markets and early stage businesses with some evidence of traction.

Outside of capital, we can provide access to an incredible network of investors, our respective expertise across industries and one dedicated episode of The BarberShop Season 2 published on all our social channels for our viewers and listeners.


Can pre-revenue firms apply?

The firms applying cannot be pre-revenue. They need to have some revenue to be eligible.

Please refer to the following video for more details:



Is there a minimum or maximum ticket size?

In every company, we will invest anywhere between 30 lakhs to 2 CR. The actual figure will depend on the stage of the company, equity offered, and other factors. 

Do you accept international company’s applications?

No, we only accept applications from companies registered in India.

Please refer to the following video for more details: 


How long does the process take from application to funding?

A total of 90 days. We try our best to keep the process frictionless and smooth.

When is the last date to apply?

The second edition will run over a year and we will accept applications on a rolling basis. We will be shortlisting 50 companies over the next few months.

About The BarberShop

The BarberShop was started with a clear thesis - India needs to create approximately a million jobs a month. Currently we create almost two hundred thousand - making it imperative to fix this deficit for optimum growth. Our ‘Funda’ as Shantanu calls it is to simplify entrepreneurship and make it accessible to everyone in the country so we instill an enterprising habit in the 23-24 year old of today. After the successful completion and reception of Season 1, we have decided to go beyond conversations on our podcast to tangible help. In this attempt we began our second edition: Raiser’s Edge. With the help of our sponsors at Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae, we have collated a season which brings together a corpus of 50+ equity seekers looking to support young start-ups in their growth and success.

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